17 / 10 / 2018

Green Economy Seminar in Manisa

We participated in Green Economy Seminars organized by TurSEFF (Turkey Sustainable Energy Financing Facility) in 5 different provinces of Türkiye. The first one of these seminars was in Aegean Province city of Manisa, on 16thOctober. Within the seminar, there was a panel about building level sustainable energy applications and TuREEFF was one of the panellists. The agenda of the panel was as following; 

Building level Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy panel, moderated by Prof. Emre Alkin from Altınbaş University

  • Lighting Systems (by Zeynep Akkaya from AGID)
  • HVAC Systmes (by Arslan Çağlayan Gürel from ISKID)
  • Co/Trigeneration Systems (by Serkan Saral from TURKOTED)
  • Energy Efficiency in residential buildings (by Arif Ergin from TuREEFF)

During the panel, we had chance to present our experiences and innovative financial approaches at residential level. 

At the end of the seminar, during the Q&A session, TuREEFF received many questions from the audience, mainly about our successful reconstruction sub-project implementations under Urban Transformation Plan.

The seminar and panel was very fruitful for us that we were able to promote TuREEFF to the representatives of municipalities, construction companies, energy efficiency & renewable energy companies, academicians from local universities, NGOs and business associations. During the seminar, we met with potential project devlelopers such as SME construction companies and energy cooperatives.