04 / 05 / 2018

ICCI: 25. Enerji ve Çevre Fuarı & Kongresi

Turkey's leading energy and environment fair and conference, ICCI, was organized between 2-4th of May, in Istanbul with support from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

More than 200 participant companies and governmental bodies took place with their stands at the fair area for 3 days and the event received 100,000 visitors; including sector representatives, academicians, governmental bodies representatives, business associations, investors and students form various universities.

Arif Ergin, TuREEFF's Business Development & Marketing Manager was one of the panellists during “Energetic Finance” panel and on the May 4th, and we had chance to present TuREEFF to the attendees. During his speeach he presented TuREEFF, the role of the EBRD, the success stories that TuREEFF created so far and TuREEFF's financing mechanism blended with free Technical Assitance funded by the EU.

The panel was remarkable, with level of interest and attendance. It was a great opportunity for TuREEFF to present the Facility.