16 / 03 / 2018

Occupational Health & Safety Training for Refugees

TuREEFF took initiative and provided Occupational Health & Safety training for refugees living in Turkey. 

Construction sector is one of the very risky sectors in terms of occupational accidents and the major sector for refugees employment. TuREEFF’s Health & Safety training was delivered by the end of 2017, in cooperation with local stakeholders in İstanbul. The training was hosted by Refugees Association (Mülteciler Derneği) in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul.

This training course was a part of TuREEFF’s capacity building and awareness raising activities which specificly aims to train construction workers and construction field staff, consisting of Turkish citizens and refugees mainly from Syria. During this first training, 20 trainees received a one-day theoretical and applied training from TuREEFF’s health & safety expert.

After receiving positive feedbacks from trainees and the Refugees Association, it is planned to continue these Vocational Education & Training activities during 2018, too.