15 / 12 / 2016

Energy Efficiency in Buildings-Donor Workshop, Ankara

The workshop was held in Ankara on December 15th within the framework of an ongoing project on “Technical Assistance for Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings”. The Project is developed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and financed by the EU and GoT. The project aims to address the gaps and needs that exists in the current energy efficiency legislation and İnstitutional framework for new and existing buildings in Turkey, and to align these with the European policies and directives related to energy efficiency in buildings, particularly the Energy Performance in Buildings directive (EPBD).

TuREEFF was invited to take part in the Donor Workshop of the ongoing project in order to share the views on the key issues/problems that need to be addressed in order to improve energy efficiency in buildings and what TuREEFF is currently doing in the area of energy efficiency in buildings in Turkey. The other participants were representatives from MoEu, MoE, the IFIs, Şekerbank, İzoder and NGOs which are active in the building level energy efficiency improvements.

The presentation of TuREEFF was made by the Project Manager and took attention from the auidance and the other participants due to its unique solution for reconstruction projects. The questions from the MoEU were answered by the representative of the Facility.