30 / 10 / 2016

UTP training by TuREEFF experts at Istanbul University

“UTP and Residential Energy Efficiency Financing”, by Istanbul University

The seminar & training was held in Istanbul on the 30th of October 2016, with more than 20 participants representing the companies in construction sector and construction materials manufacturing sector. It is a 12-day course organized for improving skills of people and raising them as local UTP experts. The training program is being organized by Istanbul University and the experts are being certified by University’s Life-long Learning Institute. It is one of the key activities in Turkey to create a sustainable atmosphere for developing Energy Efficient UTP projects and TuREEFF was invited by the institute because of facility’s successful EE-UTP SUB-project implementations. 

During the training, Marketing Manager Arif Ergin and Project Manager Güliz Örnek represented TuREEFF and they made a presentation together about TuREEFF and success stories. After the presentation, the participants of the training raised many questions about TuREEFF and EE-UTP Sub-project implementations. The event created a healthy networking atmosphere and TuREEFF is being invited by other universities interested in UTP and Energy Efficiency.




- Arif Ergin