02 / 06 / 2016

A new marketing training by TuREEFF

TuREEFF organised a training programme for the Mahall project sales & marketing team, in Ankara, in order to increase their capacity in conveying information on the energy efficiency specifications of the project to potential buyers who visit the sales office on the project site. The training was given by Arif Ergin, TuREEFF marketing keyexpert. The sales & marketing team will use the following arguments to point out the advantages of investing in the Mahall Project;

- Low energy consumption

- Consequently lower energy bills

- Higher & healthier living standards

- Environmental benefits.

By imparting this information from Arif Ergin to the company’s marketing staff and from them to individuals, TuREEFF is having a significant effect on increasing awareness of energy efficiency and an important impact on transforming the market behaviours.


- Arif Ergin