TuREEFF has designed a solution to provide finance to individual consumers who decide to buy a residential building that go beyond the actual requirements of the BEP regulation (i.e that achieve EPC B or above).

TuREEFF Green Mortgage

In 2008, the Building Energy Performance (BEP) regulation was amended in Turkey, following European Directive (2010/31/EU), and this introduced new energy requirements for comfort temperature, comfort relativity humidity, insulation and windows with minimum heat loss values for various climate regions, air tightness, hot water, lighting and renewable energy. The BEP regulation requires that all new buildings obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), with a minimum performance level for new buildings set at level C.

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals

If the house that you are going to buy is a high-energy performance building, with an official energy performance certificate B or above, and our engineers included your building in our List of Eligible Buildings (LEB), yes you can!

TuREEFF has designed a Mortgage for your new apartment, providing up to 50% of the value of the property and limited to 250.000 USD.

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